What makes your grandparents great?

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These kids told us about the golden oldies in their lives

Today is UK Older People's Day which celebrates all the good things that the elderly do to make our lives better every day.

So we want to know what makes your grandparents so great.

We want to celebrate all the older people in your life.

What makes your Granny or Granddad so special?

  • Do they do fun stuff with you like cooking, playing games or sports?
  • Do they tell loads of jokes?
  • Is there another older person in your family who is great?

Your comments

My grandmother is super energetic and gets involved in everything in the area, which makes me happy.

Malaika, London, England

My Nana and Grandad are really special because they always put other people before themselves.

Jenna, Manchester, England

My Nan never tells me off and she always lets me do what ever I want. She lets me stay up all night dressing up in her clothes, she lets me paint her room every week in a different colour and she tell me stories of my mum during a breakfast. I just love her to bits.

Hannah, London, England

My Nan is amazing!

Lydia, Harrow, England

In our KS1 assembly we have been talking about 'why our grandparents are great?' in line with our value of the month being thankful. Lots of the children have enjoyed thinking about what makes their grandparents great and were able to give lots of reasons like; telling us jokes, giving us treats, being funny, baking with us, making delicious meals for us and taking us on fun adventures like riding a horse!

Swallow class, Nightingale class and Kingfisher class, Oxfordshire, England

My great Grandma is great because she is 102! My Grandad is great because he was in a newspaper! Finally, my two Grandmas are great because they're mine!

Lolly, Wokingham, England

My Nana buys me a big bag of presents at Christmas.

Imogen, Goole, England

My Nan and Grandad are special to me because they treat me on days out, which is always a good laugh. They are always there for me.

Corbyn, Norfolk, England

My grandparents are great, and really good people. My Nan plays hockey and goes walking with me and my brother. My Grandad called 'Mush' is a very strong character and great for a laugh.

Libby, Bath, England

My Grandad is very funny, he makes me laugh. He teaches me things about birds and wildlife. He likes to spot Eddie Stobart lorries and even had my name put on one! My Granny is cool too, she helps me to bake cakes and keeps Grandad in check. I love my Granny and Grandad very much.

Darcey, Plymouth, England

I miss my grandparents because they live in another country but I love them very much.

Muneeb, Harrow, England

My Grandma and Grandad always look after me and take me really fun places!

Grace, Manchester, England

My Gran takes me to the park and buys me nice things. She is great at making cakes and so is my other Gran and Grandad.

Aneesa, Dundee, Scotland

My Nan is great because she's really nice to me, especially when I get told off. She gives me pocket money and cuddles me lots.

Jacob, London, England

My Gran is great! She looks after me when I come home from school and makes me dinner and waits for my parents to pick me up.

Beth, Glasgow, Scotland

My grandparents are great because they cook brilliant food and tell outstanding jokes.

Gabrielle, Barking, England

My Grandma is great because if she wins a prize, and I like it, she always gives it to me. Also, in her house she has sweets and I always get 3.

Izzy, South Wales

My Grandma is great because she always looks out for me and is a great cook so I get homemade food and it's delicious!

Rennae, Derbyshire, England

My Grandad makes me smile a lot because he takes me to the shop and buys me sweets.

Damian, Bradford, England

I love my Nan because you are always guaranteed a smile and she helps me in all that I do.

Evie, Kent, England

My Nan and Grandad always buy us nice things and they are the best grandparents on Earth.

Josh, Isle of Wight

My Nan and Grandad are great because they go on holidays and buy me a couple of things. They always give me loads of Christmas presents. Sometimes they tell me funny jokes and take me out in their motor home .

Ella, Colchester, England

My Gran is great because she takes me out for lunch, bakes and does crafts with me. My Grandma and Grandad are great too.

Emma, Falkirk, Scotland

I love my grandparents. They are just really clever and know a lot.

Hamnah, Walsall, England

I love my grandparents because they are kind.

Priyen, Harrow, England

I like my grandparents because they are kind to me and they have a lovely pet dog called Mike.

Bethany, Hereford, England

My Grandma always tells me stories about when she was younger. She saw The Beatles once when they were just starting out.

Travis, Bedford, England

What makes my Grandma great is that she cooks really good flapjacks. I like cooking with her. I love her so much.

Jessica, London, England

I love my Grandad for being there for me, being kind and caring.

Saffy, London, England

We love our Grandma and Grandad because we live with them most of the time and they always help us

Brooke and Joseph, Weymouth, England

I love my Gran because she is so funny and gives me pocket money.

James, Fife, Scotland

My grandparents are great because they always help me and let me just have fun!

Edward, Bridlington, England

I like my grandparents because they take me and my brother to nice places

Ethan, Edinburgh, Scotland

My grandad is very funny - he tells me jokes. He takes me to the temple.

Preyen, Harrow, England

I like my Granny because she is kind, helpful and she makes me laugh!

Isabelle, Clitheroe, England

My Nan & Grandad are the best because they make the best homemade egg & chips in the world!

Abby, West Kirby, England

My grandparents are great because they cook amazing food but the trouble is they seem to know more about me than I do!

Demelza, Reading, England

My Granny makes me feel happy and warm inside.

Betsy, Glencoe, Scotland

Grandparents are important because they help you and you help them. Grandparents are always there for you. They love you with all their heart.

Kevin, Manchester, England

I love my Nana because she helps me with my homework.

Millie, Hazel Grove, England

My Nan and Grandad are great because they buy me lots of stuff and they cook me tea on Friday.

Rhia, Burntwood, England

I like my Grandma because she's really kind and gives me lots of pocket money. She has lots of really cool stuff in her house.

Elsa, Birmingham, England

My Grampy has always believed in me and listened to my thoughts. He shares things with me and is always making me laugh or teaching me new things.

Faith, Cheltenham, England

Before my Grandad passed a few months ago, I really loved seeing him because he always told jokes and made all my family laugh and smile!

Simi, Braintree, England

Well, I love my grandparents! They are the most special things in my life and I love them with all my heart. Grandparents around the world are the best. Last month, I went to Africa and I saw my Grandma for the first time.

Ayanda, Manchester, England

I think my grandparents are great because they tell jokes and make great food!

Anam, Birmingham, England

My grandmother makes the best cakes ever and she is an international Caribbean dancer.

Onica, London, England

Grandparents are good because they brought our parents up and if they didn't we wouldn't be here!

Ebony, Manchester, England

My Grandad is great. I love him. He is funny and always puts a smile on my face I don't know what I would do without him.

Leah, County Durham, England

I love my Granny because she always makes me feel better, and she's my favourite person.

Charlie, Oban, Scotland

I love my Grandma because she's there to talk to me and keeps me happy. She doesn't only give good food, she also gives good hugs.

Billie, Oban, Scotland

I think grandparents are great because they love you a lot and they give you pocket money. They also make the best food.

Wendy, Manchester, England

My grandad is a very special and honest man. He always takes us out treats and lunch, he tells funny jokes, he records movies and programmes for us on the TV.

Shreyen, Harrow, England

I love my grandparents! My grandmother on my mum's side because of her lovely food. That's where my mum get's her cooking from! And my grandad on my mum's side because of his braveness, walking without a walking stick at his age! On my dad's side I do love them, but unfortunately they've passed away now.

Rachel, Edinburgh, Scotland

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