Harry Potter fan breaks record for most memorabilia

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Asher Silva Vargas at home with his 3097 pieces of Harry Potter memorabiliaAptn

Who do you think is the biggest Harry Potter fan? Surprisingly it's not a child or teenager but a 37 year old lawyer from Mexico.

Over the past 14 years he's collected 3,097 pieces of Harry Potter memorabilia that includes figures of the main characters, clothes and toys.

Asher Silva Vargas has now made it into the Guinness Book of Records.

He said it was never his intention to buy so many things.

Asher Silva Vargas- world record holder for most Harry Potter memorabiliaAPTN
World record for most Harry Potter memorabilia

"When I realized my treasures began to take up more than one room, I decided that I should take this seriously".

World record collection of Harry Potter memorabiliaAPTN
World record collection of Harry Potter memorabilia

His friends and family encouraged him to tell the world about his impressive collection.

World record collection of Harry Potter memorabiliaAPTN
World record collection of Harry Potter memorabilia

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I collect phone cases

Alex, York, England

I love collecting buttons and coins!

Anne, Woodford Green, Essex

I collect DVD's - I have over 1000

Archie, St Helens, England

I collect marbles. I have over 300. I love what they look like and I like playing games with them

Laura, West Yorkshire, England

Awesome Harry Potter fan! I only collect football cards

Gonzalo, Warsaw, Poland

I collect tickets. I have 10 boxes of them!!!!!!

Amelie, Sheffield, England

I collect Postcards, coins -foreign and the Olympian 50 pences - and BOOKS -I have around 500 !!

Casey, Derby, England

I collect Lego Minifigures. I have made about 67 and have bought about 17 ready made ones .

Alexandra, Caerleon, Wales

I collect rubbers, a lot of my collection comes from my mum and auntie they used to collect them too

Charlotte, Douglas , Isle of Man

I collect clothing accessories because I love using them for fashion and love to keep them forever!

Rosie, London, England

I collect fossils I have loads but not as many as this guy.

Ben, Farnham, England

I am the most obsessive collector from stamps, toys, clothes, stickers to ornaments, old computers, glass vases and brass.

Claire, Stoke-on-Trent, England

I collect a few things. My biggest collection is piggy banks. Loads of them!! I've got all kinds. My room is Piggy Paradise!

Rachel, Edinburgh, Scotland

I love Moshi Monsters and I also collect Barbie dolls

Georgie, Solihull, England