India's fired a spacecraft into orbit around Mars

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India's celebrating successfully firing a spacecraft into orbit around Mars.

They're the only country ever to reach the red planet on their first attempt. It shows other countries such as the US, Russia and China what they are capable of.

Cheapest Space Mission ever

The spacecraft took ten months to get there and costs $75 million dollars - so it was one of the cheapest space missions ever.

Indian staff from the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) celebrate after the Mars Orbiter Spacecraft (MoM) successfully entered the Mars orbitAFP
Staff celebrate successful Indian space mission to Mars
Indian children celebrate Indian space missionAFP/GETTY
Children look at Mars exhibition about space mission from India

Staff at Mission Control in Bangalore cheered and clapped after firing the Mangalyaan probe's main engine to slow it down to move into it's orbit.

India can compete with US and China in space

It's inspired children across India for the future , many say they will study engineering and maths so that they can become astronauts of the future.

The Indian prime minister, Narendra Modi congratulated the scientists.

India celebrates spacecraft to MarsReuters
India's celebrating firing a spacecraft into orbit around Mars

He told them: ''The success of India's space programme was a shining example of what the nation was capable of. ''