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Your amazing giant super spider pictures

Take a look at some of the super spider pictures you've have been sending in.
Spider-mad Harry from Somerset sent in this great picture of a common Garden spider, which sneaked inside his house for a little break. These spiders have distinctive markings on their body and are often seen around the UK between August and November.
a garden spider
These spiders were snapped hanging out in a tool shed by the Jupiter Class from Littledown School in Slough. Apparently their teacher owns four pet spiders! They look like the giant house spider, which likes to build big sheet-like webs, and is often found hanging around in garages and sheds where they're less likely to be disturbed.
two large spiders
This long-legged beastie was spotted by Oliver from Wiltshire making a dash across his lounge. Spiders can run extremely fast, but only for short periods of time before they have to stop and take a rest. In fact the common house spider, used to hold the world record for top spider speed!
Ryan from Norfolk found this lovely garden spider on a church gate. These spiders spin large webs called orb webs, which they use to catch their prey, usually small insects and butterflies. It's usually only the female spiders who spin these complex webs. Keep them coming in!
garden spider
Look at this whopper, found by Em, in Telford. It looks like it could be a Cardinal spider, one of the UK's largest spiders. The Cardinal spider can grow up to 14cm in length. Although they are harmless to humans, they get a bad reputation for their large size and super speed.
Large spider
Look at this incredible close-up shot of this Garden spider snapped by Ronni and Finley in Kent. They watched this one make its web and catch some flies. Spider silk is one of the strongest materials on earth, and by weight it is five to six times stronger than steel!
Garden spider
Jemima, Harriet and Annabel from Surbiton have adopted this spider as a pet! They nicknamed her Charlotte, and she lives outside their playroom window. The girls check on her every day when they come home from school. Female Garden spiders are quite a lot bigger than male ones, and can be double the size!
garden spider