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Amazing Minecraft creations

Minecraft, the video game bought by Microsoft for £1.5bn, has an enthusiastic group of fans, many of whom build some eye-popping creations.
The Danish government wanted to get the entire country mapped on Minecraft to help educate children. But, the project was eventually vandalised, with some of the landscape blown up using virtual "dynamite".
All of Denmark
A Minecraft gamer built a fully operational 16-bit computer in just two weeks. The virtual machine includes 32 bytes of RAM (random-access memory) and 256 bytes of ROM (read-only memory).
16-Bit Computer
Patrix, the architect of this impressive virtual building, said it took him just a couple of nights to make. He added that he had never been to a cathedral in real life.
Cody Littley's hard drive can store a single kilobyte of data, which may seem unimpressive when compared with everyday discs, until you consider that Mr Littley - a computer science PhD student in Texas - built it piece-by-piece.
Hard Drive
Minecraft creator Disco's cyber guitar can play 10 basic open chords. It's bright and colourful too!
Playable Guitar
The artists behind the Aurora City Project admit it may never be completed, and the detail of their cityscapes give some indication as to why. It looks more exciting than a real city!
Aurora City Project
Tech giant Microsoft has paid £1.5bn for the company behind the best-selling video game, Minecraft. Since the game was first released, dedicated fans have been beavering away in the Minecraft universe, building eye-popping creations. Here are six of the best in our opinion...
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