Goldfish recovering after 'high-risk' operation

Last updated at 10:27
George the goldfish under general aestheticLort Smith Animal Hospital
George was kept alive during the operation by pumping pond water full of oxygen through his gills

A goldfish in Australia is recovering from surgery after a life-threatening tumour was removed from its brain in a "high-risk" operation.

The owner, who lives in Melbourne, decided that George the goldfish should have the £125 procedure.

Dr Tristan Rich, who carried out the surgery, told a local radio station that the fish was now "up and about and swimming around".

Vets say the 10-year-old fish could now live for another 20 years.

George the fish post-operationLort Smith Animal Hospital
Vets say the operation went swimmingly, and that George can return home soon

Dr Rich described the 45-minute operation as "fiddly".