Oscar Pistorius found guilty of killing girlfriend

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Hayley reports on the judge's verdict

The judge in the trial of Oscar Pistorius has decided the para-athlete killed his girlfriend by accident.

The South African sports star was charged with the murder of Reeva Steenkamp, on 14 February last year.

On Thursday Judge Thokozile Masipa said Pistorius didn't mean to kill Reeva. But today the judge decided he caused her death through acting carelessly.

The athlete now faces a wait of some weeks to find out how long he might have to spend in prison.

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Pistorius 'negligent'

The judge decided that Pistorius acted without thinking when he fired shots using a gun - but that he thought Reeva was an intruder who'd broken into his house.

Killing someone by accident, but by acting carelessly, is known in South Africa as culpable homicide. Pistorius faces a long time in prison.

He was also found guilty of firing a gun in public - which could add more years to his time in jail.

Under the spotlight

Oscar PistoriusGetty Images
The athlete was a national hero in South Africa

Pistorius became a global megastar at the London 2012 Olympics. He was the first double-amputee to compete alongside able-bodied athletes at an Olympic games.

Throughout his trial Pistorius insisted he was innocent.

Over the past six months, the case has been watched by millions of people all over the world.