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Barra kids tell of Scotland's island life

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In a week's time, on 18 September, people across Scotland face a massive choice - whether or not to become an independent country, separate from the United Kingdom.

The latest polls - where a number of voters are asked how they're planning to vote - suggest that the "Yes" and "No" campaigns are neck-and-neck.

Newsround's on a special road trip to see what kids across the country think before the historic decision is made.

The Isle of Barra in the Outer Hebrides is one of Scotland's most remote communities, where around 1,000 people live and its airport runway is on a beach!

Ayshah's been to the island to find out how kids there feel about the referendum - and what life is like on Barra.

Castlebay in Barra - there's a castle, and a bay
Castlebay in Barra - there's a castle, and a bay
Newsround logo on the beach
Newsround on the beach in Barra!