Stonehenge scan reveals more about world famous site

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Hayley reports on the exciting discovery

Scientists have discovered hidden monuments underneath one of the world's most famous sites - Stonehenge.

Using special equipment to scan below the Earth's surface experts were able to find evidence of seventeen previously unknown wooden or stone structures.

The results suggest Stonehenge - which is 5,000 years old - did not stand alone.

Scientists think the newly discovered sites were related to Stonehenge.

One big surprise the research found was traces of up to 60 huge stones or pillars - part of an ancient "super henge", about 1.5km wide.

The scanned area around Stonehenge showing the hidden monuments.PA
Picture showing the hidden monuments revealed when the ground around Stonehenge was scanned


  • It is a circle of massive stones, on Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, in the south west of England.
  • No-one knows exactly why is was built but there is a link to the sun's movements during the year and there are burial sites nearby.
  • It is thought to have been built in prehistoric times, with the stones being put up about 2,500 BC.
  • People go to the site at certain times of year, during the summer and winter solstices, when the sun lines up with gaps in the stones.