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New weird and wonderful Guinness World Records

The new Guinness Book of World Records is out, check out some of the strange new records which have been set.
This lady in Japan has collected loads of plastic food, with more than 8,000 items in her collection she set a new record.
Woman displays her plastic food collection
This cat called Alley set a new record for the longest jump, an impressive 6ft from one platform to another.
Record breaking cat
Look at this guy, he's lifting this woman with only the power of his beard. Now that is some strong facial hair. Looks painful though.
Man lifts woman with his beard
Fancy giving this yoyo a go? Well it might be a bit tricky because it's so big!
Woman on World's biggest yoyo
Taking the meaning of a big swing to extremes, this man invented this massive golf club which is 14ft5in. Even though it is so long it can still be used.
Man with giant golf club
This lady can not only bend over backwards to shoot an arrow with her feet, she can also shoot it pretty far. She's set the new record of 20 feet for the longest distance on target an arrow has been shot like this.
Woman shoots an arrow with her feet
Can you guess which film character this man likes? Yes it is 007, James Bond. He loves the spy so much he's got the biggest collection of film memorabilia which makes him a record breaker.
Man with his James Bond collection
Now this is an odd one, this man's in the book because of his extremely long tongue, it's more than 10cm!
Man sticks out his long tongue
Look at this cute caravan. Called the QT Van is has all the stuff a full size caravan has but in miniature.
Man with tiny caravan