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Thirty rare Baer's pochard ducklings hatch at Chester Zoo

Thirty rare Baer’s pochards have hatched at Chester Zoo. These Asian ducks are facing extinction, and it's thought only thirty are alive in the wild.
These cute ducklings are really rare. Baer’s pochards are usually found in Russia and China but there are only small numbers of them left living in the wild.
Baer’s pochard ducklings
This little ducky is one of the lucky ones. This type of duck is on the critically endangered list because of hunting and loss of habitat in the wild.
Baer’s pochard duckling
There is a plan to start a breeding programme across Europe to help stop them dying out.
Baer’s pochard duckling
Thirty ducklings hatched out at Chester Zoo and it's thought that there are only the same number of these birds living in the wild.
Ducklings hatching