Man builds pirate ship in back garden

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Tim Jones' pirate ship in FelixstoweTim Jones
About eight people can sit in the captain's cabin, with space for a further six on the deck

A man in Suffolk has built a giant pirate ship in his back garden.

Tim Jones spent around six months creating the captain's cabin, deck and seven metre mast.

He then added finishing touches including a toy parrot and a pirate flag.

He said, "I spent every free hour I had and weekends building it."

Tim Jones and his pirate shipTim Jones
The pirate ship has been a hit with family friends

The ship takes up about half the garden.

Some trees had to be cut down to fit it in.

Tim said the idea for the pirate ship came from his themed birthday party.

Tim Jones' pirate ship in Felixstowe
Tim used discarded wood to build the pirate ship

The ship has become well known by locals as the mast can be seen from the road.

"Everyone loves it," Tim said. "I'd love to make it bigger but I really don't have the room."