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Giant hippo, 'HippopoThames', cruises River Thames

The first ever giant wooden hippo has made waves on the River Thames, surprising London tourists.
What's that floating down the river? It's a 21 metre wooden hippo taking a cruise down the Thames.
Giant hippo sculpture floating under Tower Bridge
The floating structure is called 'HippopoThames' and is the first piece of art created by the famous Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman especially for the UK.
Giant hippo sculpture pulled by tug boats
... and here it is taking in the view at the Houses of Parliament, listening to the chimes of Big Ben.
Giant hippo sculpture floats past Houses of Parliament.
Hofman is known for his massive sculptures, including the giant rubber duck which travelled to several cities around the world. Here's "HippopoThames" at the London Eye...
Giant hippo sculpture floats past the London Eye
It started its journey at the Royal Docks, where it was built and was towed past some of London's most iconic sites, including the O2 Arena.
Giant hippo structure floating past O2 Arena
The massive mammal floated under Tower Bridge and ended its adventure at Nine Elms on the South Bank.
Giant hippo sculpture floats past the London Eye