Huge fatberg blocks London sewer with toilet trash

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A mountain of congealed fat, wet wipes, food and rubbish blocking a Thames Water pipe - 4 days to clear.Thames Water
Congealed fat, food and rubbish built up in the sewer

Tonnes of congealed fat, wet wipes, food and other rubbish have blocked water pipes in West London.

This massive blockage, called a 'fatberg', was as long as a passenger plane and took workmen four days to clear.

They had to blast it with high pressure hoses to break it up.

If left there, it could have flooded homes and businesses with tonnes of sewage.

Tonnes of rubbish, congealed fat and wet wipes block a water pipe.Thames Water
Workmen had to blast it to bits with water jets

Thames Water, who look after London's underground pipes, say they find all sorts of trash, from tennis balls to planks of wood, in their 62,000 miles of sewers. They want people to be more considerate in future.

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Craig Rance from Thames Water explains more

West London's had 68 blockages like this in the past five years.

Just one fatberg in Kingston last year, weighed 15 tonnes - as heavy as four elephants!

Thames Water spend £12million every year clearing bunged-up pipes.

A huge water pipe bunged up- and almost totally blocked by tonnes of old and congealed fat.Thames Water
Loads of these fatbergs are found in London's sewers every year