Warrior the World War One war horse awarded Dickin medal

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Galaxy ridden by Capt Nick Watson of the Kings Troop, Royal Horse Artillery receives the Honorary PDSA Dickin Medal on behalf of WWI war horse WarriorStefan Rousseau
Galaxy collected the Honorary PDSA Dickin Medal on behalf of WW1 war horse Warrior

An heroic First World War horse is to be awarded the "animals' Victoria Cross" today in recognition of the bravery of millions of animals that served during the conflict.

The Honorary PDSA Dickin Medal is being presented to famous war horse Warrior, known as "the horse the Germans could not kill", at a special ceremony in London.

The medal will be accepted by author and broadcaster Brough Scott MBE, who is the grandson of Warrior's owner and rider General Jack Seely.

Despite suffering several injuries during the Great War, Warrior survived and returned home to the Isle of Wight in 1918, where he lived with the Seely family until his death aged 33.

Painting of Warrior and Gen Jack Seeley by Sir Alfred MunningsCanadian War Museum
Warrior was ridden by General Jack Seeley in World War One
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Warrior the warhorse being looked after in the stables
Reverse of Warrior's Honorary PDSA Dickin MedalOther
Warrior's Dickin Medal is the first to be awarded for World War One

Since its introduction, 65 Dickin Medals have been awarded to animals who have served in war zones - to 29 dogs, 32 Second World War messenger pigeons, three horses and one cat.