Gold bars buried on Folkestone beach

Hundreds of people have tried digging for gold after an artist announced he had buried 30 bars of gold on a beach.

German artist Michael Sailstofer said he had hidden £10,000 worth of gold under the sand on a beach in Folkestone.

He hid the gold there as part of a three month art festival. The organisers say diggers can keep any gold they find.

But it's not going to be easy to find the gold. The artist has buried metal rings called washers to throw gold hunters off the scent.

Lewis Biggs, curator of the festival, said: "There are 30 gold bars buried there, along with a lot of washers, so if you bring your metal detector you will find a lot of washers before you find any gold."

"We will never know if the gold has been found or not," he said.

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