English children 'less happy than those in developing countries'

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What makes you happy?

A new survey has revealed that English children are less happy and satisfied than youngsters in developing countries.

The Children's Society's Good Childhood Report, who spoke to 16,000 children, ranked England behind nations like Romania, Brazil and South Africa.

England came ninth of 11 countries - before South Korea and Uganda - on how happy children were with their lives.

Children's Society chief executive Matthew Reed said while childhood was a happy time for the "vast majority" across the UK, the fact so many were unhappy or dissatisfied with their lives could not be ignored.

One in eight English children was unhappy with their appearance, though they tended to be more positive in their attitudes about friends, home, and money and possessions, ranking sixth out of the 11 countries.

What makes you happy?

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Your comments

What makes me happy is being with my family. They always make me laugh even when I don't want to and they are the best people to talk to when something happens. So I give a big thank you to my mum dad and my brother.

Jessica, Stevenage, England

A good book is enough to make me happy as well as playing my piano.

Sarah, Bath, England

Reading a really good book makes me happy because I like feeling the emotions of the character and walking about in their shoes for an hour or so. I also enjoy watching Doctor Who at night because I've done it for so many years, it's like a tradition.

Emily, Hexham, England

Listening to my favourite songs 'Take On The World' and 'It's A Girl Party' is really fun and super inspiring and gives me confidence also going to my dance classes and singing!

Chloe, Grimsby, England

I think that some people who live in England are not happy with their lives because they don't realise how much they have, compared to people living in poorer countries.

Jodie, Manchester, England

What makes me happy is when it's the summer holidays as it currently is now! (but not for long).

Aaron, Southport, England

I like seeing my friends at my local riding centre. I ride my bike there every Saturday and it takes half an hour and I meet my friends along the way and we all cycle up together and it's just so fun! Also I love to ride the horses with my friends!

Jazz, Devon, England

I am always really happy when we go to the theatre - it is one of my favourite things to do. I particularly enjoy musicals and ballets.

Amber, Leicester, England

When I make cakes with my mum.

Patrick, Cheltenham, England

Playing at school with my friends makes me light up everyday.

Megan, Driffield, UK

My friends because they care for me, look out for me and make me laugh.

Annabel, Southampton, England

I like to draw and go out to different places like my cousins house or the park but I LOVE going to the zoo and Blackpool.

Lily, UK

What makes me happy is going on the computer, going to school, the park and spending time with my friends and family and trying stuff out.

Chloe, Stockport, England

I love to just be with my friends and to be at the stables with my favourite horse or in the countryside. :)

Rebecca, Kent, England

Making rainbow loombands and watching The Dumping Ground and The Story of Tracy Beaker. They are the only two TV shows I watch during the summer holidays.

Brianna, Northern Ireland

Being alive makes me happy. Family, friends, books, adventure and being creative. I love camping with other children and it makes me happy because I don't have brothers or sisters.

Millie, Gloucestershire, England

I like playing footy with my mates or watching live football with my mates.

Jervin, Birmingham, England

My dog Minnie as she is cute and funny and a real character. (Not to mention the times she has cheered me up!)

Andrea, Guilford, England

What makes me happy is going on trips out and having parties and barbecues with my family and I am always happy.

Gary, London, England