Robo Brain learns new skills from surfing the web

Last updated at 05:38
RobotGetty Images

A super-intelligent robotic 'brain' is being developed in the United States, and it can learn new skills from the internet.

It sounds like something from a science fiction movie but Robo Brain is very real.

Robo Brain is designed to learn large amounts of knowledge and skills from online sites such as YouTube.

The information it learns can then be accessed by other robots around the world, helping them to perform everyday tasks. It's kind of like the internet for robots!

Now THAT'S homework

Researchers say that Robo Brain has been learning since last month and is looking through about a billion images, 120,000 YouTube videos and 100 million how-to documents and appliance manuals.

The project has come from US universities of Cornell, Brown, Stanford and California all working together, and has support from companies such as Google and Microsoft.

Robo Brain has learned to recognise things such as chairs, umbrellas and mugs, and not only that but it understands what they are used for.

It can even recognise when someone is watching the TV, and knows not to get in the way. So you can keep on watching Newsround without being disturbed.