A British man is being treated for the Ebola virus

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A British man who caught Ebola when working as a nurse in Sierra Leone is being treated for the virus.

The man, named as William Pooley, has been flown home to the UK and is being treated in an isolation unit at a hospital in London.

Ebola is a very serious disease and lots of people in West Africa have been affected recently.

Health experts say people in UK should not be worried.

Great care has been taken to make sure that Mr Pooley is kept separate from other people so the risk of the virus spreading is very low.

Mr Pooley volunteered to travel to Africa to care for victims of the Ebola outbreak which is where he got the virus.

It is the first confirmed case of a Briton getting the virus during the current outbreak.


Ebola is spread through direct contact with bodily fluids like blood and saliva.

It very serious if you get it almost 1,500 people in Africa have died during this outbreak.

There is no cure for the virus but some people do recover, last week two Americans who'd also contracted Ebola while working Africa made a full recovery and were let out of hospital in the US.

US aid workers recover from Ebola

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