Teenager Maria Lyle wins second gold in 200m

Last updated at 13:50
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Maria talks to Newsround

Scottish teenager Maria Lyle has won her second gold of the IPC European Championships in Swansea.

The 14-year-old won the T35 200m race in 31.05 seconds, adding to the gold she won on Wednesday in the 100m.

"I'm really pleased, even though the time wasn't as fast as I would have liked," she told BBC Sport.

It's the first year that Maria, who has cerebral palsy, has been able to run in international competition.


Talking about how she recovered after Wednesday's 100m race, Maria said: "After yesterday I got back and ate and went to bed early."

"Coming here has been a great experience and my friends have been so pleased and sending me lots of messages.

"Now I just need to keep training hard and stick to what I am doing."