River turtle mothers 'talk' to their hatchlings

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Turtle hatchling (c) C Ferrara/Wildlife Conservation SocietyC Ferrara/Wildlife Conservation Society

River turtles have been heard "talking" to one another by scientists in Brazil.

The experts recorded the turtles and found that they exchange information vocally using at least six different sounds.

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Hear the turtles talking

Chatter between females and her newborn hatchlings was recorded too.

The researchers say this is the first record of parental care in turtles. It means turtles may be more social than we initially thought.

Turtle hatchlings (c) C FerreraC Ferrera
Sound may help hatchlings find their way

Dr Camila Ferrara told BBC News: "The meanings aren't clear... but we think they're exchanging information."

"We think sound helps the animals to synchronise their activities in the nesting season," she said.

The results were published in the Journal Herpetologica.