Comments: Your Premier League predictions

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Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain in the air with Mile JedinakAP

The Premier League kicked off on Saturday with some of the biggest names in football returning to the pitch.

Manchester United were defeated by Swansea at Old Trafford, while Arsenal beat Crystal Palace 2-1.

Tell us your Premier League predictions!

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I love Manchester United and I have stuck by them even with their tough season last year. Even though they got beaten by Swansea, I still believe they've got a chance to win the league!

Charlotte, New Malden, England

I think Arsenal will win the Premier League because they won the Community Shield against the last Premier League winners and now they have a even stronger squad.

Kevin, South Woodford, England

I think Liverpool will win the Premier League because last season they were in second place. Also I am a fan.

Jayden, Sheffield, England

I think that Arsenal will win because they have outstanding players.

Nafisa, London, England

I think Tottenham could have a chance this season under their new manager Mauricio Pochettino and I think Tottenham's Lewis Holtby and Erik Lamela will shine.

Conor, Norfolk, England

I think that all the teams have a really good chance but I hope that Manchester City can keep their victory!

Libby, Manchester, England

Arsenal will win as they are on top form and Aaron Ramsey can score many goals.

Mostafa, London, England

Arsenal will win as they have a very strong squad and Aaron Ramsey is going to be unstoppable. Chelsea 2nd, Man City 3rd and Liverpool 4th.

Matt, Dover, England

Man City will win the league because they won it last year.

Edward, Accrington, England

I think Chelsea will win the league because they have amazing depth in their squad. Last season Chelsea were strong without a world class striker and now Chelsea have an amazing striker. Chelsea have also improved their midfield and now they have a better keeper than last season. I think Ramsey, Ozil and Alexis will shine this season.

Oliver, England