Are you left-handed?

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Jenny spoke to Lauren Milsom from the LeftHanders Club

International Left-Handers Day is a special day to bring attention to the problems that 'lefties' face in a right-handed world, and celebrate how unique they are.

Just under 1 in 10 people are left-handed so around 10% of the population will be honoured today.

Famous lefties include Prime Minister David Cameron, President of the United States Barack Obama, Prince William, X-Men actor Hugh Jackman, and Justin Bieber.

Left-handed people have been called everything from 'clumsy' to 'genius' over the years, so they're definitely worth talking about!

Are you left-handed?

  • Have you found it difficult being left-handed?
  • Would you say there are differences between left and right-handed people?
  • Does it give you an advantage?

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Your comments

I am left handed so when I use a pen it normally smudges which isn't useful at school.

Molly, England

Yeah I am left-handed and I hear sometimes that if you are left-handed then you're smart.

Ikraam, London

I like being left handed because I am the only person in the class who is. The down side is that my work keeps on getting smudged by my hand.

Jed, Wokingham, England

It is not very much different being a left hander to being a right hander as my teacher says it is the work you produce.

Katie, England

I am left handed and i enjoy it. I wouldn't say there were differences and I don't think it gives people who are left handed an advantage.

Amy, Preston, England

I don't really see what's so special about being left handed. If you can do stuff with both hands the same then that's unique.

Matt, Dover, England

Its hard being left handed because everything has to usually be done differently to right hander's. For example, cricket. When I play it's harder and weirder to play it than with right hander's.

Zayd, Hackney, England

I am a proud left handed girl who feels special as well as unique. Also I definitely believe that left handed people are geniuses and simply awesome!

Asiya, Preston, England

I'm left handed and it really annoys me because it always makes me smudge my handwriting. Also I hate it for sports because lots of sports use right hand hockey sticks.

Harriet, Haywards Heath, UK