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Check out the 'photobombing' spider

Photobombing - when a pic (or video) gets an unexpected guest in the frame - is back in the news.

It's after a clip showed a BBC newsreader get upstaged by what looked like a giant spider snacking on a fly.

Benedict Cumberbatch photobombs U2Getty Images
Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch shows how it's done

And at last month's Commonwealth Games, Her Majesty the Queen got in on the action, appearing in the background of two Aussie athletes' selfie.

The queen photobombs a selfieTwitter/jayde Taylor/Brooke Peris
The Queen's magnificent photobomb

Send us your favourite photobombs!

Everyone loves a good photobomb - now we want to see if it's happened to you!

If you've had a cracking photobomb happen - at the zoo, on holiday, anywhere - send it to us.

  • Maybe a mate's jumped in front of a holiday selfie...
  • Or has your pet decided to join in the family photo fun?

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