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Supermoon pictures from around the world

People around the world have been watching the spectacular sighting of the supermoon.
The astronomical event occurs when the moon is closest to the Earth in its orbit, making it appear much larger and brighter than usual. In Brazil, people on the beach in Rio de Janeiro are taking pictures of the moon.
Supermoon in Brazil
And here it is close up over the iconic Empire State Building.
Supermoon in New York City
Outside the town of Mosta in Malta, they celebrated the sight of the supermoon by letting off fireworks.
Supermoon in Malta
It can be seen here in the night sky in Mexico.
Supermoon in Mexico
In London, the supermoon can be seen clearly peeking out from the side of the Shard building.
Supermoon in London
In America, people watch the supermoon rise over the skyline of New York City.
Supermoon in America
People all around the world have been snapping pictures of the amazing sight.
Supermoon in London
And where better to see the supermoon, than up in the sky? This plane is flying past the supermoon in Kunming, China.
Supermoon in China
As the night sky darkened, the supermoon looked like it was sitting on the tip of the Chrysler skyscraper in New York.
Supermoon in New York City
People around the world have been watching the spectacular supermoon. Here in Tenerife in the Canary Islands it loomed above the a space research station there. The summer supermoon is the point each year when the moon looks the largest in the sky.
Supermoon appears over the Astro-Physical Institute of the Canaries in Tenerife