Gaza ceasefire between Israel and Hamas ends

Last updated at 08:40
A boy amid ruins in the Shejaia neighbourhood of Gaza City (7 August 2014)Reuters
Half a million people in Gaza have been displaced by the month-long conflict

A three-day truce between Israel and Palestinian militant group Hamas to stop fighting has come to an end this morning.

The two sides had agreed to a ceasefire in Gaza for 72 hours on Tuesday.

But Hamas, which controls Gaza, earlier rejected any extension of the truce, saying Israel had failed to meet its demands.

The Israelis have ordered the military to respond after at least eighteen rockets were fired from Gaza this morning.

Residents walk through the rubble in the devastated neighbourhood of Shejaiya in Gaza City (7 August 2014)AFP
Parts of Gaza have been seriously damaged over the last month

The latest fighting between the two sides began four weeks ago.

Today, the Disaster Emergency Committee will launch an emergency appeal to help those caught up in the conflict.

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