New Lego characters created to reflect more female roles

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The new female friendly Lego rangeLego
The all-female Lego set includes an astronomer, a palaeontologist and a chemist

Lego has unveiled three new female characters in a range called Research Institute.

The characters include an astronomer, a chemist and a palaeontologist, someone who studies prehistoric life.

The set went on sale online in the UK last Friday and has already sold out.

The arrival of the new additions follows a letter from a seven-year-old girl to Lego earlier this year. She criticised the lack of strong female figures in Lego's collection.

The Lego friends rangeAndrew Becraft / flickr
Lego has been popular with kids for over 80 years

However, it was scientist Ellen Kooijman who came up with the idea for the characters.

Her aim was to change the "stereotypical representation" of female characters.

In 2012, Ellen entered her designs into a competition run by the company.