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Muddy fun in the Irish Bog Snorkelling Championships

Contestants gathered in Northern Ireland to take part in the annual Irish Bog Snorkelling Championship. It got quite messy.
This weekend saw the annual Bog Snorkelling Championship in Northern Ireland, where this competitor was trying to keep her head above water.
Female bog snorkeler swims with her mask and snorkel above the water.
Do you think they'll stay this clean for long? Competitors had to swim through 120 yards of muddy water using a mask, snorkel and flippers.
Two women laughing as they get into the bog.
This snorkeler is the centre of attention as the crowd snap away. The event took place on International Bog Day, to raise awareness of how important bogs are to Northern Ireland.
A small group of people take photos of a woman as she swims.
Sorry, but it's a long way to the finish line!
A man's face is covered in mud as his head sticks out of the bog.
Cannonball! What can be better after swimming in a bog than a dunk in the bog Jacuzzi?
A man is jumping in the air , covered in mud, into the bog Jacuzzi.
Now that's a much needed shower. This snorkeler gets a well deserved hosing down to clean himself up.
A man smiles as he is being hosed down to clean the mud off him
Out of the bog and into the...bog. These two boys can't get enough as they jump into the bog Jacuzzi.
Two boys, covered in mud, jump in the air into the bog Jacuzzi.
This lady is asking for a mouthful of mud as she laughs, covered in mud.
The face of a lady and her mask are covered in mud. She is laughing with her mouth wide open.
Turn around! A confused snorkeler seems to be swimming away from the finish line.
The 'finish' sign is in the background as someone swims towards the camera.