Super cute Rare red panda cubs born in Scotland

Last updated at 09:48
Red panda cubALex Riddell

The Highland Wildlife Park in Scotland has welcomed TWO new arrivals - rare twin red panda cubs!

The super cute cubs join big brother Kush, who was the first red panda to be born in Scotland for 13 years.

They don't have names yet and keepers are trying not to disturb the family, so they don't know if they are male or female.

panda cubALex Riddell
This is the other twin!

There are thought to be less than 10,000 red pandas left in the wild. They're on the IUCN red list for protected species.

Numbers are low because their natural habitat is being destroyed and they're a target for poachers.


Despite what their name suggests, red pandas are not related to giant pandas (which are part of the bear family), but are distantly related to the raccoon family.