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Pictures: Giant WW1 puppet procession in Liverpool

Thousands of people have lined Liverpool's streets to welcome three giant marionette puppets, which will tell the story of Liverpool during World War One.
During the war 5,000 men joined the Pals. More than half of them died. On Wednesday and Thursday about 30,000 people visited the start of the display - a grandmother lying asleep in St George's Hall.
The Grandmother Giant sleeps in St George's Hall
On Friday the grandmother started her journey across Liverpool, visiting some of the city's famous landmarks. Joining her on the journey is a giant girl and a dog called Xolo.
A grandmother marionette sleeping outdoors.
Thousands of people have lined the streets of Liverpool to welcome three giant marionette puppets. The puppets will tell the story of Liverpool's role during World War One.
A giant marionette girl walks through Liverpool
Royal de Luxe, the French street theatre company behind the spectacle, said the figures would cover 30 miles in total over the weekend. Jean-Luc said he hoped retelling the stories of World War One would "reassure us and maybe give us a message of hope".
A puppet dog walking the streets of Liverpool.
Those "happy people" were the Liverpool Pals - groups of local men joined the army and served together in World War One. Some of their stories will be told in the show.
A giant marionette girl walks through Liverpool
The show's director Jean-Luc Courcoult said he chose to tell the story in Liverpool because there people there "like to talk about the past, tell family stories and keep them alive". Some of the giant puppets have visited Liverpool before. In 2012 a giant procession reflected on the sinking of the Titanic ship.
Spectators pet a giant puppet dog.
A spokesman for the display said the puppets would tell the story of "happy people who went away in 1914 with the King's Regiment" to fight for their country.
A giant puppy rests on a marionette girl