Comments: Who should be England captain?

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England captain Steven Gerrard has announced he's retiring from international football, after 14 years playing for his country.

The Liverpool midfielder, played for England 114 times and scored 21 goals.

Who should be England captain next?

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  • Is your favourite player up to the job?

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The new England captain should be Gary Cahill because he is a top class defender and he has played with great Chelsea managers.

Billy, Raynes Park, England

I think Jack Wilshere should be captain because he helped Arsenal win the FA cup.

Saquib, Birmingham, England

I really think that Jordan Henderson should be the next England Captain as he is a real fighter for the team.

Hitesh, Port Louis, Mauritius

I think that Frazer Forster should be the new captain as he is one of the world best goalkeepers.

Edward, Belfast, Northern Ireland

I think Leighton Baines should take over as he is a big player and has lots of experience and he is quite an impacting player.

Oliver, Buntingford, England

I think Luke Shaw should be the new England captain because he is a great team player, he's young fast and a great defender.

Aiden, South Milford, England

I think Leighton Baines should be England captain because he's a good team leader.

George, Liverpool, England

I think Ross Barkley should be next captain because of his potential.

Christine, London, England

I think that Daniel Sturridge should be the next England star. He can play like a pro and will be able to manage a team well as he can manage himself well.

Manish, Stanmore, England

I think that Raheem Sterling should be captain because he has done a good job for England this year.

Ben, Basingstoke, England

I think Wayne Rooney as he is like Gerrard and he has more International Experience than any other player.

Nyim, Birmingham, England

I think Joe Hart because he will be a good leader.

Maxwell, Huddersfield, England

I think Wayne Rooney should be captain because he's a really good player.

Ben, Hull, England

I suggest Daniel Sturridge should be the captain as he plays fair and he also scored England's first goal at the World Cup.

Charlotte, New Malden, England

I think Gary Cahill should take over from Steven Gerrard, as he's a really good team player.

James, Molesey, England