Dr Who: Send us a question for 12th Doctor, Peter Capaldi

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See the trailer for the new series

New episodes of Doctor Who - starring Peter Capaldi as the Doctor - hit our screens on 23 August.

Fans were treated to a thrilling trailer during the half-time break of the World Cup final.

There were explosions, Daleks and a Tyrannosaurus rex rampaging around the Houses of Parliament!

And the new Doctor talks of a journey... "into darkness!"

Ask the 12th Doctor a question

Now's YOUR chance to get involved. If you could ask Peter Capaldi one question, what would it be?

  • Maybe you want to know how his Doctor is different to Matt Smith's 11th incarnation?
  • Or which of his enemies scare him the most?
  • What's the one question you'd want to ask him?

We'll be going to see the 12th Doctor himself before the new series kicks off - so we'll put some of your questions to him!

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