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Loom band creations from Newsround viewers

The world has gone loom band crazy and you've been getting involved too, sending in your great pictures of what you've made...
Josh put in a superhero effort to make Spider-Man - we love this Josh!
Spiderman loom band model
Lilia has been very busy making all of these colourful creations. Thanks so much for all your loom band creations - keep em coming by emailing and don't forget to ask a parent or guardian's permission before you send them.
Collection of different loom band models, e.g peace sign, chick, turtle
You've been sending us your amazing loom band creations - here's a few of those we've received. Jessica will never lose her phone in this amazing case!
Mobile phone case made from loom bands
Jessica also shared the loom band glove love with this creation.
Glove made from loom bands
Keira and Ruby ssssent us this snake... slithery!
Snake loom band model
Samara made these brilliant dragonfly and swan models.
Dragonfly and swan loom band models
Hammy the hamster was sent in by Emily...
Hamster loom band model
Here's Bella's beautiful bright blue headband; loving your work Bella.
Headband loom band being worn
Tiana covered her house with this huge collection of models.
Large selection of loom band models