Watch: More disabled access in rural towns, says Kieran, 15

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Martin travels to Wick to meet Kieran

Kieran is 15 and has cerebral palsy - which means he uses a wheelchair every day.

11 million people in UK have a disability, meaning things like lifts and ramps are essential for everyday life.

In most big towns and cities in the UK, public places have more disabled access, which makes it easier to get around.

But Kieran lives in the small town of Wick on the northern tip of Scotland - and he got in touch with us to say that there, life in a wheelchair isn't so easy.

Martin - who also has cerebral palsy - went to meet Kieran, to see what his life is like and find out what Kieran wants to change.

Kieran is part of Generation 2014, a group of teenagers the BBC is following in the run-up to the Scottish referendum. As he'll be 16 by 18 September, he'll be able to take part in the vote.