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Supermoon shown in amazing pictures

The "supermoon" was snapped by people around the world at the weekend. It occurs when the moon appears larger and brighter in the sky, due to its elliptical orbit of Earth.
Samirah Khan took this photo on her way to work in the United Arab Emirates. Saturday night marked the first of three supermoons expected in the next three months.
A bright moon is captured above a high rise building.
The next and closest supermoon of 2014 will be on August 10. The supermoon was seen in the Philippines where Jem Garcia snapped it.
The moon is hanging just above a group of clouds that are being lit up by the moon.
This is how Nathan Bailey saw the moon from his porch, near Sulphur Springs, USA.
The large white moon sits on the right-hand side of a dark black sky.
Randy James caught this pic of the moon in Cambria, California, USA.
A glowing white moon sits in the sky as the silhouette of tree leaves can be seen in the foreground.
James Chow Chun Kin took this shot of the supermoon, in spectacular detail, in Hong Kong in China. Called a "perigee supermoon", it's when the moon appears larger and brighter in the sky, because of its elliptical orbit of Earth.
The moon fills the photograph. Craters and details on the surface of the moon can be seen.
Jahnavi Utukuri took a photo of a beautiful orange supermoon on Saturday night at Liberty State Park in New Jersey, USA.
The orange moon sits above an illuminated skyline, next to the ocean, and reflects in the water.
Gavin Jelic-Masterton captured this stunning image of supermoon in Croatia.
The yellow moon is hanging above the sea, being reflected in the water, near to land.
The "supermoon" has been snapped by people around the world this weekend - these are some pics sent to the BBC. Debashis Pradhan took this pic the supermoon as it rose over Lower Manhattan, New York, USA.
A large orange coloured moon is captured between two skyscrapers.