Manhattanhenge: New York's solar phenomenon

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Watch the "Manhattanhenge" solar event

People in New York City, USA, have witnessed "Manhattanhenge", a solar phenomenon where the Sun sets in line with the city's skyscrapers, lighting up the streets in a golden glow.

Amateur photographers gather in carefully-selected spots to set up tripods and wait to capture the ultimate sunset.

The event happens in May and July every year, and for two nights each time.

People take pictures at sunset during the bi-annual occurrence "Manhattanhenge" in New YorkReuters

The name "Manhattanhenge" was made up by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Fans say the effect reminds them of the ancient monument Stonehenge, in south-west England, where the sun aligns with circles of stones on the summer and winter solstices.