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Germany and Argentina face each other for the biggest football match on the planet.

But at the 2014 World Cup Final at the Maracana stadium in Rio which team will be lifting the trophy?

Will it be Germany, who thrashed Brazil 7-1 in the semi-final on Tuesday?

Or Argentina who beat Netherlands 4-2 on penalties after a 0-0 draw?

Can coach Joachim Löw steer his German team to glory?

They're playing in their eighth World Cup final, more than any other nation.

Or will Alejandro Sabella's Argentina be the winning side?

Goalkeeper Sergio Romero, hasn't let a single goal in, during the knockout phase.

Your comments

I think Argentina will win because they are an awesome team.

Josie, Glasgow

I think Germany will win as Argentina have just the one brilliant player but Germany have an exceptional team.

Lara, Derby

I think Germany will win.

Kendra, Singapore

I think Germany will win the World Cup, because they play like they're remote controlled!

Aysha, Lancashire

I think Argentina will win because they have Messi and he is the best.

Zunair, London

I know Germany will win 3-1 because they have got the outstanding Thomas Muller, the skilful Bastian Schweinstieger, the ninja Manuel Neuer and the outstanding Chelsea player Andre Schurrle. Therefore Germany is the best world cup team, ever!

Amaan, Birmigham

I think that Argentina will win (my favourite football players are Lionel Messi and Angel Di Maria. 1-0 to Argentina!

Anna, London

I really don't know because all the teams I had any hope have been knocked out. Good luck to both teams!

Freya, Berkshire

I think Germany will win because they've won it more times. They've also got better players and they deserve to win.

Lucas, Bristol

I think Germany will win it because they have a really strong team and they deserve to win after they beat Brazil 7-1.

Jacob, Norfolk

Germany will win.

Sam, Bristol

Argentina! They have some really good players.

Lily, Berkshire

I think Germany will win.

Denise, Birmingham

I think Germany will win because they thrashed one of the best teams, Brazil 7-1, While Argentina beat Holland only 4-2 on penalties.

Go on Germany I know that you can do it! Go Arsenal 's Lucas Podolski!

Elizabeth, Helston

The final result will be 1-0 to Argentina and Messi will shoot the ball into the net.

Breffni, London

I think it will be a close match but 1-1 full time. Germany will win 2-1 in extra time.

Oliver, Bristol

I think that Germany and Argentina are both equally strong teams, so either of them could win.

Anisha, London

I think Argentina will win.

Mohamed, London

I think Germany will win 3-1.

Aimee, Dunfermline

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