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Brazil fans react to losing 7-1

Brazil's World Cup dreams ended in a humiliating fashion on Tuesday as Germany thrashed them 7-1 in the first semi-final.

It was Brazil's worst ever defeat in a World Cup, but for many fans it was the way they lost that hurt the most. Brazil's players were made to look amateurish by Germany.

There was a sense of bitter disappointment and anguish in Brazil as the fans came to terms with losing so dramatically in a World Cup they were hosting.

How do you cope with defeat?

  • Do you have a method to deal with disappointment?
  • What advice would you give Brazil fans?

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My way of dealing with disappointment is to take deep breaths and find something good to think about.

Holly, Plymouth, England

I tend to go away and think if the situation is as bad as it seems.

Olivia, Northern Ireland