Is the Tour de France passing near you?

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Martin finds out how tough the Tour is

It's the world's most famous bike race and is the biggest annual sporting event: the Tour de France starts today.

Nearly 200 riders cover over 2,000 miles in just 23 days, mostly in France. But for the next three days, it's passing through England.

Britain's Chris Froome is aiming to defend his title from last year.

Starting in Leeds it'll pass through Yorkshire on its first stage today, with over two million fans expected to line Yorkshire's roads this weekend.

To enjoy the CBBC Newsround website at its best you will need to have JavaScript turned on.
Otley excited for Tour de France

We want to know if you'll be going along - and if so, where will you watch?

Are you excited? Is it passing where you live? What is the atmosphere like?

Send us selfies or video clips

If you're going to watch, we want you to send us your selfies as you cheer on the riders - and even send us video clips of your support!

Send them to - but don't forget to ask permission of a parent or guardian first. Remember you must keep safe and stay to the side of the road - those riders are fast!

Your comments

I'm watching the Tour de France as it happens to be going straight past my house - I'm very exited

Skye, Keighley

On Monday when we get to school we are going to cycle to Parkers piece and watch the start or the Tour de France and come home and we get to miss all day of school!!

Lily, Cambridge

I'm really looking forward to the Tour de France and I have watched it on tv before. This time I'm watching it for real as it passes by where my friend lives.

Lucy, Birmingham

Yes, I love cycling and my dad and I will be watching together as we do every year. I'm so excited!

Dani, London

The Tour de France won't go past my house but I will watch it on tv.

Megan, Blackpool