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Loom bands and other playground crazes

As loom band mania sweeps the country, we take a look at some other playground crazes.
Marbles have been played in England for at least four hundred years. They were originally made from marble, but later ones were made from clay and glass. One main version of the game involves trying to knock your opponent's marbles out of a circle.
The yo-yo is thought to have originated in ancient China. The modern version became popular in the 1930s - it was developed in the Philippines and taken to America by a businessman called Donald Duncan. It made a comeback in the 1990s when updated models made it easier to perform tricks.
Conkers are the perfect autumn school craze - all you need is a conker and a piece of string. The first recorded game of conkers was on the Isle of Wight in 1848.
Girl playing conkers
These are clackers - two hard balls each connected to a ring with a piece of string. The aim is to swing them so they hit each other and make a noise. They were a hit in the 1960s and 1970s but they caused some injuries and were banned in many schools.
Silly Bandz became popular in 2010. They are plastic bands moulded into different shapes such as animals, musical instruments and letters.
Silly Bandz
The Tamagotchi was launched in 1996. It was an interactive robot pet which had to be given food and drink regularly - or it died. An updated version, the Tamagotchi Plus, was unveiled in 2004.
Tamagotchi Plus
Loom bands are the latest craze sweeping playgrounds across the country. Kids are spending hours making bracelets and all sorts of other objects with the little coloured rubber bands. In this photo gallery, we take a look at a few other playground crazes...
Loom bands