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Life as a child in Rio's Doña Marta Favela, Brazil

Leah visited Doña Marta Favela in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and spoke to 13-year-old Raphael, about what it's like to live in a favela.
This is Raphael who I met at the Doña Marta Favela in Rio. He was born there and told me how proud he was to grow up in such a colourful and vibrant area. He's 13 at the moment but when he grows up he wants to become a businessman.
Leah and Raphael
Raphael supports local Rio club Flamengo but is fully behind the Brazil team during the World Cup. Lots of kids spend time playing football down alleyways and tight staircases here in Doña Marta.
But not everyone is happy with the World Cup: here is a painted sign from favela residents telling Fifa their feelings about the tournament.
FIFA go home
Most of the houses are made of brick and cement and the vast majority of people have electricity and running water. Every part of Doña Marta favela is colourful, with a lot of green, yellow and blue to support the home team Brazil.
Favelas are poorer areas where houses are packed together on steep hills overlooking the city. They're hard to get in and out of because of their steep slopes and busy alleyways.
Brazil flag in favela