Should sugary foods and drinks cost more?

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Should sugary foods cost more?

A campaign group has called on the UK government to introduce a "sugar tax" to help challenge obesity in children.

If the changes are taken on, sugary foods and drinks would cost more money.

Action on Sugar has created a seven-point plan to discourage children from having foods and soft drinks with high levels of added sugar.

The group says it's concerned with sugar and its effects on health. They say one in five 10-11 year olds in the UK is now obese.

The seven suggestions are:

  • Reduce added sugars in food by 40% by 2020
  • Ban all forms of targeted advertising of very processed, unhealthy foods and drinks to children
  • Banning junk food sports sponsorships
  • Reduce fat by 15% in very processed foods by 2020
  • Make very processed foods and sweetened soft drinks less available, as well as reducing portion sizes
  • Introduce a sugar tax to encourage people to eat more healthy food

What do you think?

The government has said it will consider the recommendations and we asked you what you think.


If you want sugary food/drinks, you will buy it regardless. It sounds like a good idea, but i don't think it will work!

Alyssia, Birmingham, England

Sugary foods are fine the main problem is parents not controlling what their children are eating.

Thomas, Thame, England

I think sugary foods and drinks should cost more because way too many people are obese.

Ashleigh, Pyle, Wales

I think if people want to have sugary foods we should let them have it, so I do not think that should happen.

Bela, London, England

Don't make the prices bigger, because then I won't be able to afford it because I don't have pocket money.

Ricky, UK

I think they should add a tax because it would get people thinking that they are becoming obese and they are spending money on wasteful things.

Maia, Holland

I don't think they should cost more, the people who eat and drink these junk foods in moderation are fine. If people want to become overweight that is their decision.

Zach, Manchester, England

I think some extra fatty or sugary foods should cost more because then people will not always be able to buy them and then when they do buy them they will have it once in a while and not every day.

Shivvony, Kent, England

I don't think that putting a tax on sugary food will make a difference. People will still buy them and only struggle even more with money. It also means that having a treat once in a while will become more expensive.

Francesca, Chelmsford, England

I don't think it would make any difference if the tax was brought in as many people would be prepared to pay 40p more if they love sugary drinks.

Daniel, Newbury, England

I do believe that sugary food should be taxed, also should be removed from sports sponsorships. It's about time the government realised sugar is bad.

Jason, Southampton, England

I think that sugary foods and drinks should be more expensive and healthier foods and drinks should be a bit cheaper.

Rana, Ewell, England

No because we all deserve a treat and sweets are already expensive.

Olivia, Glasgow, Scotland

The trouble is fruit, vegetables and healthy drinks cost too much, so some people have to buy unhealthy food because they can't afford fruit and vegetables.

Maisie, Windermere, England

I don't think there should be sugar tax because parents should be responsible enough to give their children a healthy diet.

Katie, Reading, England

I don't think that prices should be raised for sugary drinks, but people should just be aware that they're bad for you. I am a dancer and I like a sugary snack to give me a bit more energy after class.

Lucy, Enfield, England

I think that the prices of sugary foods should go up because then we will have more healthy people around the world.

Ellie, Belfast, N. Ireland

I think it is great idea. Sugary food should cost more because when it is cheep people are buying it all the time. If it cost more and healthy food costs less, people will change their spending habits.

Matt, London, England

Sporting companies shouldn't be allowed to have sponsors that promote sugary junk food. It's just wrong!

Crystal, Newcastle, England

I don't think there should be a sugar tax because there is already enough VAT and tax placed on food and drinks. Fresh fruits and healthy foods and drinks also contain sugar, so they would have to be taxed too. As well as that, it won't make much difference because people will just take more money and buy the same items, just for a bit more money.

Blake, Norfolk, England

I think that making sugary food more expensive is an excellent idea. I think it will make kids think twice on what they are spending their pocket money on and they will stop buying lots of sweets and fizzy drinks.

Aggy, London, England

They should increase the prices of sugary food and drink because if it stays the same there is more chance of children and adults becoming obese. I won't like not being able to have some of the food and drink I have been used to but it will be better for my health.

Niamh, Guildford, England

I don't think you should tax sugary food because then not everyone will be able to afford treats.

Lily, Sheffield, England

I think the government should raise the price for sugary drinks and not target children on adverts as they might think it makes them cooler.

Joseph, Devon, England

A sugar tax may discourage people from eating sugary foods, but it depends how much extra they'd be paying. Even when the prices have no tax, people are still aware of the things that are bad for them, yet they choose to ignore it!

Ben, Bath, England