Spiders that eat fish are found worldwide, says study

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Spider eating fishPeter Liley

We all know spiders feast on insects that are unfortunate enough to fall into their web, but did you know that spiders all over the world also like to munch on fish?

Zoologists in Switzerland and Australia have found that spiders capable of eating fish exist on every continent apart from Antarctica.

Eight different larger spider families have been shown to enjoy devouring fish that are sometimes larger than themselves in both size and weight!

Spider eating fishEd Germain

How it works

The spiders are capable of diving, swimming and even walking on water.

Perching on their hind legs on a rock or plant, they wait patiently at the side of freshwater ponds, streams and swamps.

When they spot something swimming by they lunge in with their front legs and inject powerful venom to kill their prey.

After preparing the meal they drag it off to a dry place so they can tuck in.