What’s your school food like?

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Nel reports on what the changes will mean

Government ministers have announced new rules for school food in English state schools, to get kids eating more healthy food and drinking more water.

The school meal requirements include having one or more portions of vegetables or salad every day.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said the rules would "continue to restrict unhealthy foods".

It all starts in January 2015 for local authority schools, new free schools and schools that convert to academies.

Other rules include:

  • at least three different fruits and three different vegetables each week, and
  • no more than two weekly portions of food that has been deep-fried.

What is your school food like?

Do you already eat a lot of fruit and veg? How much fried food is included in your meals at the moment? What do you wash it all down with?

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Your comments:

I like school dinners from time to time, I like Fridays because there is a choice of sausage or pizza. The only downside is there is only water to drink.

Jack, London, England

My school food is very healthy but there is only one choice of drinks which I think is bad because you should be able to choose which drink you have instead of being forced to drink one drink and one drink only.

Lola, London, England

Food at our school is healthy. We have vegetables or salad four days a week and we only have chips on a Friday. Our food is always very tasty!

Year One, Groby, Leicestershire

I think school dinners are lovely and tasty. They always have a wide rage of vegetables.

Nina, Wales

Our food is great I like it because they cook it well, and it's never disgusting. We always have vegetables on offer.

Faith, Wales

We already have at least two portions of vegetables every day and salad at our school. Our school cook doesn't deep fry any of our food. We have water to drink every day and the option of fruit juice. We also have an option of fruit for pudding or seconds.

Billy and Jade, Group 4, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

Our school dinners have a wide variety of food but they don't have a wide choice of drinks.

Chloe, Bridgend, Wales

Most of the time my lunch is fried.

Kate, London, England

At our school, we have healthy food, with salad, vegetables and fruit every day. The food is varied and generally good, we are lucky to have good cooks!

6C, Montier-en-Der, France

My school food is very expensive and there are hardly any healthy options! There used to be a salad bar, but now it's mainly pizza and burgers!

Jack, Newport, Wales

The dinners at my school always have something healthy but delicious. Also if you want some more healthy things for dessert then you can have fruit. And just by the kitchen is a salad bar so if you want some fruit or veg you can take some!

Amelia, West Malling, England

My school food is fresh, tasty and is always served warm.

Jessica, London, England

I think our school's food is really yummy and healthy. There is always a cold salad bar as well as hot veg served. We only have fish and chips on Fridays and sometimes pizza on Tuesdays.

Dhivya, London, England

I really enjoy my school dinners, we have 3 options, a meat option, a vegetarian option, and a cold option, like a roll or sandwich.

Christopher, London, England

Every Thursday we have a roast dinner and all the food is healthy. They also supply jugs of water and cups so we are encouraged to drink water.

Owen, Leicestershire, England

I didn't really enjoy my hot dinners because they stopped doing nice things like macaroni. Now I'm on packed lunches I get to choose what I eat for my lunch.

Isabel, Urmston, England

I like the food but our cook makes the drinks too strong by putting a whole bottle of cordial in the jug!

Seren, Cheshire, England

I like our school meals. I really like Thursdays because we have pizza and chips!

Neve, Birmingham, England

By the time we get to our canteen, there is usually no food left.

Malaika, London, England

My school food is alright but the curry doesn't have any curry powder and there is absolutely no spice!

Finlay, Oxford, England

Sometimes it is really nice but at times it's absolutely disgusting. Like the pasta is really watery.

Hamnah, Walsall, England

Our school lunches are fine and we have pizza on Wednesdays for a treat.

Nada, Bradford, England