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Get to know Rio de Janeiro during World Cup 2014

Leah is out in Brazil reporting for Newsround at the 2014 World Cup. She's been sending back pics showing some of the incredible sights on show out there.
Everywhere you go in Brazil there is a flag draped somewhere - the colours are so bright. The words on the flag say "Order and Progress".
Brazilian flag
Here the streets are once again decorated with hundreds of flags - street parties take place all over Brazil on match day.
Streets are once again decorated and street parties take place all over Brazil on match day
The long Copacabana beach is an interesting place, full of football supporters and those who like to bring out their pets to celebrate the World Cup. Here's a local lady with her patriotic pet chicken!
Brazilian woman with her pet chicken
For those who can't get tickets to the big games, there are massive big screens throughout the cities. I saw England lose to Italy in the huge fans' area on Copacabana beach. England fans there were highly disappointed.
Fans watch England v Italy in the 2014 World Cup at a fans area on Copacabana beach
Even the pedestrian crossings in Rio are football related. This is a country that really, really, loves football.
Football-themed pedestrian crossing in Rio de Janeiro
Two big Neymar fans stand together showing off their matching shirts supporting the host team Brazil.
Two kids wearing Neymar shirts
Wrapped in his Brazilian flag, this boy joins children all over the city in hoping Neymar and co can make a record eighth World Cup final.
Boy sat on stairs with flag around him
Leah says: Christ the Redeemer is a huge statue that stands 710m above the city - and it's one of Rio's most iconic landmarks. The sun sets at about 5pm local time so by the time we got to the top it was quite dark. But lots of tourists make the journey as the huge statue is one of the seven wonders of the modern world.
Christ The Redeemer statue in Rio
When a Brazil match is on in the home nation, Leah says, "the street parties are so well organised there's loads of activities taking place".
Lots of effort goes into making the streets look colourful. Here the Brazil flag is draped from the trees using loads of streamers.
Huge displays, like this, are common on match days. This inflatable puppet is gearing up for Brazil's clash with Mexico on day six of the tournament.
Leah watched the Brazil v Mexico match with these young Brazilian fans! At the start of the match the boys sang the national anthem.
Children singing
Leah says: "As the sun was setting we had the colours of Brazil shining through into the living room! Bliss."
Brazilian flag
The score was 0-0, but Leah said that 'despite the frustrating match, in the end these guys are happy!' And they still all think their side will be in the final.
Leah with children
Even the dogs are getting involved wearing shirts to cheer them on.
Dog dressed in brazil