Britain's Got Talent 2014 Collabro win

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Watch the moment Collabro won!

It was the fantastically exciting final of Britain's Got Talent last night where operatic boy band Collabro were crowned winners!

In the final the musical theatre act were up against Opera singer Lucy Kay, while teenage rap duo Bars and Melody, who were favourites to win, finished third.

The five-piece group take home £250,000 and will appear at the Royal Variety Performance as their prize.

The band - which includes 20-year-olds Richard Hadfield and Matt Pagan, Michael Auger and Thomas Redgrave, both 24, and Jamie Lambert, 23 - only formed a month before their first audition for the show.

Collabro's emotional performance of 'Stars' from the musical Les Miserables got a standing ovation from all four judges.

Bars and Melody

Third-placed Bars and Melody, who had been tipped to win, performed a self-written anti-bullying song which has gained more than 30 million views on YouTube from their first audition.

Thirteen-year-old Leondre Devries and his friend Charlie Lenehan, 15, who wrote the track, were praised by Simon Cowell, who said: "You are the nicest, sweetest kids I have ever met. I hope my little Eric turns out like you."