Five of the worst World Cup misses

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World Cup 2014: Five of the worst World Cup misses

We're looking forward to the start of the Brazil World Cup by checking out some cracking "Top 5" moments of the past.

Over the next week Newsround and BBC Sport will bring you some of the most incredible moments you may not have seen from World Cup history.

Today, it's time for the top five misses... goals that never were.

The Top 5 Misses

  • Uruguay v Senegal 2002 - Uruguay's Richard Morales goes to head the deflected ball from point blank range but sends it wide.
  • England v Spain 1982 - Kevin Keegan from England receives a great cross into the box, and all he needs to do is to head it straight; but it spins off his head well wide.
  • Italy v South Korea 2002 - Italian striker Christian Vieri gets a perfect cross into his path and he skies it over the net.
  • Nigeria v South Korea 2010 - Ayegbeni Yakubu from Nigeria gets the ball in the box to tap it wide to miss an open goal.
  • Mexico v Norway 1994 - Mexican's Luis Roberto Alves dives to head the ball into the post, back off his head over the goal.