Who will you support at the World Cup in Brazil?

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Who will you be supporting?

The excitement is building...

With just a week to go until the biggest football tournament on Earth, the whole footballing world's eyes are turning to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup.

Teams from 32 different countries will do battle to find the eventual victors who will lift the famous trophy.

England are the only UK nation involved in the competition, but that leaves 31 other teams to support as well.

So who's your team?

We want to know who you'll be supporting once the action starts, and why?

If you're rooting for a particular side, get in touch and tell us what's so special about them to you and why you'll be cheering them on!

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Your comments

Even though I'm Ugandan I love England and I wish them all the best in World Cup.

Kamanzi, Kampala, Uganda

I will support France because I'm actually French and would like to see a France-Brazil final like in 1998 when we won 3-0 !

Mathew, London, England

I will be supporting Brazil or Spain. Brazil are a great team and my mum is from Spain !

Luca, London, England

I want Brazil, Netherlands, Spain, Germany or England to win because they are awesome.

Kenton, Doncaster, England

I'll be supporting England, but I'm not too sure they'll win, but they have got great players like Gerrard and Rooney.

Louis, Oxford, England

I will be supporting Brazil because I'm Brazilian and they are the best. Our home form is great this season.

Raul, Duque de Caxias, Brazil

I will be supporting Brazil because Neymar is on the team, and he's a great football player. My friend Rozerin loves Neymar, so both of us will be supporting him all the way. Come on, Brazil!

Kenan, England

I am supporting Brazil because they are the best and my family are from there.

Emanuella, London, England

I think Brazil will win because they have wonderboy Neymar and they have a good team.

Danny, Cardenden, Scotland

England because I live in England but also Brazil because they are a good team.

Ethan, Manchester, England

I will be supporting Spain and Ecuador because I come from Spain and my parents come from Ecuador.

Melanie, Fort William, Scotland

I will be supporting Germany, because they have a good team and normally do quite well.

Sybilla, London, England

Come on England! I like James Milner and Joe Hart because they play for Man City!

Grace, Manchester, England

My family is half Spanish, so I will be supporting Spain and England.

Sana, Bradford, England

I will be supporting Algeria because my country, Yemen, are not in it and Algeria are the nearest country.

Suheil, Sheffield, England

I will support England because they are the greatest team in the universe.

Alicia, Wigan, England

I think I'll be supporting Germany as they're usually pretty good!

Olivia, Northern Ireland

I will be supporting Argentina because they have good attackers including Sergio Aguero, Lionel Messi and loads of other good players.

Kaiden, Rochdale, England

I will be supporting England because they are a great team and I want them to win the World Cup.

Jessica, London, England

We have faith that England can win, as weird as it sounds!

Maddie and Bethany, Melton Mowbray, England


Andy, Belfast, Ireland

Come on, England!

Shyam, Leicester, England