Five of the best World Cup headers

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World Cup 2014: Five of the best World Cup headers

We're looking forward to the start of the Brazil World Cup by checking out some cracking "Top 5's" of past tournaments.

Over the next week, with BBC Sport, we'll bring you some of the most incredible moments you might not have seen from World Cup history.

Today, it's time to use your head - with the top five headers...

The Top 5 Headers

  • Mexico v Italy 2002 - Mexico's Jared Borgetti received a cross into the box with his back to goal, heading the ball over the stranded Italy keeper Buffon. Mexico won 2-1 to win the group but failed to progress in the competition.
  • West Germany v England 1970 - West Germany's Uwe Seller sneaked behind the England defence, using the back of his head, he directed the ball into the net. West Germany won 3-2 in extra time, ending the tournament in third place.
  • Spain v Germany 2010 - Carles Puyol of Spain stormed into the box from a corner, jumping in front of teammate Gerard Pique, to score against Germany. Spain won 1-0 and went on to win the World Cup.
  • Bulgaria v Germany 1994 - Iordan Letchkov famously scored the goal that knocked Germany out of the World Cup, with a sensational diving header. Bulgaria won 2-1 against Germany in the quarter-finals but lost in the semi's against Italy.
  • Brazil v Italy 1970 - Brazil legend Pele leaped higher than the Italian defender to head home in the final. Brazil won a massive 4-1 against Italy to win the World Cup.