Online games 'target kids with unhealthy food'

Last updated at 08:24
Girl using tablet

There's a warning that many children are playing online games without realising they're actually adverts promoting unhealthy food.

A study from the University of Bath suggests these 'advergames' can affect what kids choose to eat and drink.

The researchers are calling for tighter rules and want a labelling system for the advergames.

But one sweets company, Swizzels-Matlow, said that its advertising does not directly target children.

The Local Government Association. which represents councils, wants these games to have pop-up health warnings.

Adverts promoting food and drink products that are high in salt, sugar and fat are banned around children's TV programmes.

The Advertising Standards Authority, which keeps a check on adverts, said: "Advergames by food companies already have to stick to strict rules and we've banned those that promoted overeating."